This site presents a human perspective of multidimensional reality.

Multidimensional reality

We are multidimensional beings who use protection membranes to explore and experiment simultaneously in multiple dimensions of the multiverss, like for exemple, in lucid dreams.

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Human sovereignty

The sovereign integral is that part of us, which as a human being that has realized the immortal self, still remains in the fullness of its sovereign individuality while being integrated in the collective of the creator Source.

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The hakomi experience

The multiple dimensions of the multiverse are domains of the holographic reality of the one life and a human being can become a lucid explorer by transcending the fear of displacement from one's dominant reality.

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Journal of metaphysics

Terra, day 1

The first human civilization.

It all starts with a quest to find truth about the situation of humanity, of planet Terra and all her inhabitants. In the virtual matrix, humanoids are prisoners of the human mind system. The mental matrix of illusion inspires compassion within us for all the beings of Terra and ourselves. We are now living in the extraordinary period when the door of the prison is opened. The future of humanity is magnificient with this new light which brightens our lives. The planetary animal, one humanoid at a time, becomes a human being. The humanity of Terra is transforming to become an interdimensional force with a galactic influence.